The Wild Wreath Woman

Rochelle of Owlfeathers Wild Wreaths, is a lover of the outdoors who carefully gathers pieces of nature to lovingly create a breathtaking piece of woodland scenery to bring indoors.

Mother Nature is her inspiration as she uses her incredible eye and talent to assemble each unique masterpiece made up of earth and woods.  If you are interested in having Rochelle create a custom piece for you, please contact her at the links below.  If you have a piece or two you would like to have her incorporate in to an original Owlfeather Wild Wreath, she would be delighted to do so.

I am including a couple pieces of her incredible one of a kind creations and links to her web site and Facebook page for more browsing.

Owlfeathers Wild Wreaths

Owlfeathers Wild Wreaths on Facebook


3 thoughts on “The Wild Wreath Woman

  1. Sharyn…so glad you love your Wild Wreath! Can’t wait to see pics of *DREAM* in your reading nook! xos

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