My Outdoor Intoduction

The Everyday Edge is a new site that will bring adventure right to your desk top. My suggestion? That you hit the “follow” button as quickly as possible, because you will not want to miss a single one of their bold escapades. -Karie Engels

Today's Sportsman

familySince I can remember I have a felt a primal attraction to the outdoors.  Growing up fishing and hunting with my father only added fuel to an already unquenchable fire.  Lucky enough to have a small stream bordering our family property, I would cut my teeth on a self-enforced catch and release cutthroat fishery.   As I aged, I garnered permission to ride my bicycle the 3 or 4 miles necessary to fish giant Chinook salmon from the shores of the Willapa River.  Not stopping there, I would later convince my parents that 12 was plenty old enough to own my own boat and troll salmon in the tidal waters. After taking a few deer with my father by my side, I would venture off alone at 13.  Leaving on foot from the property, I would harvest my first solo buck, a nice forked horn for the freezer.  I can still…

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