Chef Russell Lowell Brings the Wild “In”

Russell's in Bothell

Russell Lowell is a celebrated Northwest chef who prefers to get his hands dirty.    As the owner of Russell Lowell Catering, the rustic yet elegant Russell’s in Bothell and The Garden Cafe at Molbak’s Nursery in Woodinville, he is a passionate supporter of Washington farms and focuses on fresh and sustainable ingredients in his cuisine.    Ask Chef Lowell which of his activities he is most passionate about?  Cooking, charities,  restaurants, inventions…his answer?  “I am a hunter first.”

Russell Dean Lowell

Two restaurants, an extremely successful catering company, several charity events, numerous community and charitable organizations, most notably having served on the Chefs Advisory Board for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, simply isn’t enough.  He is in the woods as often as possible following his passion,  hunting, which assists in creating the perfect culinary blend, bringing the wild, indoors.


Russell Lowell Catering’s signature Elk Camp’s are an unforgettable, much sought after  experience.   A cozy wall tent, nestled in the forest with a wild game multi-course dinner, paired with fine wines and stories you will hear from the one and only, Chef Russell Lowell.  Here is a small sampling of one of his tales and a peak in to the creative process of a genius inventor;

In 1995 I was hunting in Montana with a long time family friend, who is a true veteran hunter. Conditions were shaping up for what promised to be an exceptional hunting season. Mid November in the Cabinet mountains means the rut is in full swing. Harvesting a swamp monster is a once in a life time feat for most. Chances are you’ll be alone, but with a buddy in tow it is awesome! The roar of the rifle, a short walk and I would get to witness my mentor field dressing his trophy.

Russell Lowell

Russell Lowell

Step 1, tag your kill.  Step 2, what no step 2 immediately a precision cut from the sternum to the pelvis WHAT?  The next cut, spilling contents of the bladder and colon into cavity.   An impending blizzard may be a satisfactory answer to most, however I am a chef and demand exact cuts and care to ensure a quality product no matter what. Tossing and turning all night, I replayed the not so full of care field dressing job and the “ No Hassle” idea was born. A sleeve to insert and protect the integrity of the colon,  just stopping short of the bladder so the pelvic bone can be split allowing access to an otherwise difficult area to work with. A hunter waits all year for that new season to arrive. Take the time to field dress properly and care for your harvest! Good luck in the field, and good luck in the kitchen!

Watch the following video and see the No Hassle for yourself, right here:  Chef Russell Lowell’s “No Hassle”

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You can find Chef Russell Lowell on Facebook, Twitter, and Russell’s Facebook Page.


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