“Too Bad Hunting Isn’t an Olympic Sport” featuring Olympian Lanny Barnes

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  Lanny and Tracy2 bigger?

Unless you have been living in a bubble, you know the 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing.  There are some amazing American athletes with high hopes of bringing home the gold, but Tracy and Lanny Barnes, USA’s twin Olympian biathletes, were making headlines well before any American stepped foot in Sochi.  While only Lanny will be competing in Sochi, it is by no means because her twin sister, Tracy, was not deserving of representing the Country.  Tracy was originally the one who earned a spot on the team. Due to an extremely disappointing illness during the trials, Lanny was not able to perform to her full potential and didn’t make the team.  Tracy completely shocked her sister with, Lanny and Tracywhat was more of a demand than a request, that Lanny take Tracy’s spot on the Olympic team and head to Sochi.  It is one of the most selfless…

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