Fishing for Love…

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steelHEAD I have never been the type of girl who likes Valentines Day.  I just don’t understand making men stress out about picking a gift just because its February 14 th , or standing in front of the card isle trying to make that awful decision of what card to get.  I like flowers and all, but I would rather receive a single, hand picked flower, than waste $50 on overpriced roses that are just going to die.  Oh, and I hate chocolate.  Sorry if this seems like a negative start, but I had to fill you in on my previous thoughts about Valentines Day.  It was always just another day to me, but that recently all changed.  I had the most memorable Valentines weekend ever, and we didn’t even step foot into a restaurant.

The week before, I had gotten a new North Fork Custom Rod.  It was a…

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