Fish Tacos at Hunting Camp?

Here at Farm to Table and Field to Plate, we adore Amy Spoon’s outdoor attitude. After printing out this delicious recipe, read on about Amy’s adventures out in the wild!

Get Outdoor with Amy Spoon & the Outdoor Chic Clique

fish taco use

Who doesn’t LOVE fish tacos?  Every time I think about making them, I instantly want to call up some good friends to come over to enjoy them with.  Its one of those hands on, build your own, make ’em messy, kind of meals where we all just stand around the kitchen talking and building tacos.  There is no right way to build a fish taco; just set out all the options and let everyone create their own fish taco masterpiece.  Because fish tacos are best served with friends on the side, I want to share with you how you can serve this meal in one of the best places to sit around and eat with friends…Hunting Camp.  Tin Foil Fish Tacos are super easy and allows you to bring that “more than a meal” experience to camp.  The best thing and the reason it is included in the Campfire Cookbook…

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